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There is a video stream on the left and a chat on the right.

To the right and left you can find a number of dropdown menus. These menus control the stream and chat.
The menu to the left changes the stream, the menu on the right changes the chat.

The 'Event Streams' menu can be used to switch between streams (usually ones covering the same event).
The 'Entertainment Streams' are streams hosted by friends!
Cytube, Beathop Cafe, Lofi Hip Hop Radio, and Kawaii Radio are hosted for use during downtime.

There are three chats: IRC, chatango and stream chat.
By default, the system will select the stream chat. Chatango is the chat for this page; the IRC chat acts as reserve.
The stream chat changes dynamically based on what stream you select.
The Calendar uses your systemtime. The times are accurate to your timezone.

On the Padlet you can stick any image, video or bit of music you like.

In case of emergency,
I can be contacted on

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